Indian music is rooted in the mists of time, drawing each listener a multi-faceted picture of the world, full of mystery and extraordinary spirituality.
My concerts represent a mixture Indian traditions, own music and improvisation. I perform solo or in a classical duo with tabla. I'm curious to experiment, combining the sitar with other instruments.

In addition to traditional concerts, I do music therapy. Accompany yoga and meditation sessions with sitar music playing calming tunes for light reflection or bright rhythmic set for keeping the mood and vitality.
classical version
Sitar... etc
Now is the time to share our creativity with the World! Music unites people! Now we recorded a song based on indian raga Bageshri with Pablo from Brazil and Taku from Japan.
Raga Bagesri
Stepan Christanov (sitar), Pablo Aldunate (violin), Taku (tabla)