SitarPiano: the duet of Stepan Christanov and Dmitry Mikhaylin is a Union of East and West, the dance of black and white piano's keys and rainbow strings of the sitar, mesmerizing from first to last sound. It is neo-classical fusion with hints of exotic Indian tunes.
sitar and piano duet
SitarPiano's new album "Inhale & Exhale" is out now! Italian label fonofabrique released it.
SitarPiano is Stepan Christanov and Dmitry Mikhaylin's latest project, where the black and white of the piano keys and the rainbow of the sitar strings intertwine to create a mesmerising sound
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I glad to present you all the compositions recorded by the SitarPiano duet, collected in a single album. This light neoclassic with notes of Indian exotics was recorded a year ago and was waiting for its moment of publication. Listen, enjoy, share with your friends!

Stepan Khristanov: sitar
Dmitry Mikhailin: piano